Tambre Thompson Flute Instruction

Flute & Piccolo Lessons in Concord and San Ramon


Hourly Rate



  1. What ages do you teach?

    Minimum age is 8 years old. There is no maximum age limit.

  2. Do I need my own flute?

    Yes! I recommend owning your own flute. If you are unsure you will continue, you can rent a flute from a local music store. Rental rates vary. Flutes can often be rented for as low as $20 per month.

  3. Do I need my own music stand?

    Yes! A music stand is a must to play the flute with good posture. You can find music stands as low as $15.

  4. What style of music do you teach?

    I primarily teach classical music, but I also teach jazz and popular music. Lessons focus on fundamentals like technique, tone production, musical interpretation, intonation, correct posture and embouchure.

  5. What type of flute do you teach?

    I teach students to play orchestral or concert flute. This type of flute is constructed out of metal. Student flutes are normally silver or nickel plated. A solid silver or silver-plated flute tends to have a better tone than a nickel plated flute.

  6. Do I need my own sheet music?

    Yes. I will recommend which music to buy at our first lesson. If you happen to already own some music, please bring that with you to your first lesson.

  7. What are your qualifications?

    I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Flute Performance from California State University at Hayward (now East Bay) I have been teaching private flute lessons for over 25 years. Teachers I have studied under: Michelle Caimotto, Dr. Roberta Brokaw, Walter Kent Jr., Laura Marks, Ernie Mansfield, and Paul Renzi.

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Hourly Rate

  1. How much do you charge?

    A 30 minute lesson is $30; 45 minute lesson $45; and one hour for $60. Lessons are paid monthly at the first lesson of each month. See lesson policies on Document page.

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  1. Where are lessons taught?

    I teach students in my private music studio in Concord and at the House of Woodwinds studio in San Ramon. To sign up for lessons or for more information, go to HouseofWoodwinds.com for San Ramon, and for lessons in Concord, go to "lessons and rates" page on this website.

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