Tambre Thompson Flute Instruction

Flute & Piccolo Lessons in Concord and San Ramon


Quotes Tambre is an amazing teacher, instructor, and flutist. She is also one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is insightful, and very informative on how to Improve your flute and/or piccolo playing. Her teaching has helped me develop my playing skills and love for the flute more than I ever could have on my own. Learning from her over the years I have taken lessons from her has been an absolute delight. Her techniques and teaching ability helped me progress at a steady pace that has made me play better, become more professional, and more experienced. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering to play the flute or piccolo, because without her, I wouldn't be near the flutist I am today. Quotes
Jordan Brinkman
Student for 4 years

Quotes Tambre is an amazing flute teacher. She has taught me everything I know. When i go to band it can be boring because i already know everything they teach. Everyone says that I'm so good at it, but it's all taught to me by Tambre. Quotes
student for 2+ years

Quotes I have been studying with Tambre over 3 years now, she is a wonderful teacher, very attentive and patient. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning how to play flute and play it well. Quotes
My Chu

Quotes As an older student who is trying my hand at playing my flute after decades of leaving it fallow, I feel that for the first time, I am learning to play the flute correctly and so much better. Tambre is wonderfully encouraging and patient and incredibly knowledgeable. She provides useful and practical guidance for ways to make improvements. I am still a novice, but I have made more headway than I would have imagined (especially in spite of my erratic practice schedule). I would recommend Tambre without hesitation. Quotes
Lois Boyd
"Mature" student

Quotes Mrs. Thompson has been a great teacher in the time I've been under her tutelage. Her teaching methods are great, and have made my flute-playing experiences much better. Quotes
Shashank Rao
High School Student, 3+ years

Quotes Ms. Thompson is an excellent teacher. Even though I have only been learning from her for a few monthes, I can definitely see the improvement. I am now able to sight read pretty well, and I can easily play along with the band. I have been playing since I was in 4th grade, but I stopped playing in 8th grade. Ms. Thompson has been helping me catch up on the flute knowledge I have lost. She has really helped me improve and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning the flute, or becoming a better flutist. She is an awesome teacher. Quotes
Helen Meng

Quotes I've studied about 1 year with Tambre. The most important thing you need to know is that you can trust Mrs.Thompson. I have learned many things such as: playing the flute (of course!), major and minor scales, many songs and more. I have been able to easily play songs in band because I already learned them. I would describe Tambre as nice, kind, and great at playing the flute. I think it is important to study privately as opposed to in a group because if you're in a group, if you have a question, it might not get answered because you might forget because other people are asking questions. It is important to study privately so the teacher can get to hear you play by yourself. Quotes
Middle School Flute Student

Quotes Tambre encouraged me to begin playing flute again (Sept 2011). Years ago, I played from 5th grade through high school and lettered in Music at YVHS. Since I have not played in over ten years, I have been enjoying playing again. Tambre is excellent at assessing a student's current skill level and challenging it just a bit for optimum growth. I am so grateful for her inspiring coaching on the flute. Quotes
Gina Tobar
Adult Student

Quotes Tambre is a wonderful teacher, person and flutist. Tambre is knowledgeable of flute tips and practicing techniques. Without her help and guidance I would not be the flute player I am today. It is important to study privately in order to get individual attention; in a group, it is more difficult to improve and get advice as the teacher must listen to more than one person play. Quotes
student for six years

Quotes Tambre is really great and an awesome teacher! She knows what she is talking about! I learned techniques on Flute, advanced rhythms, tone, tone, theory. Because of my lessons with Tambre, I had the opportunity to participate in the Certificate of Merit program and I knew more [music theory] than others in band. I would describe Tambre as fun, awesome, outgoing, smart, talented. Quotes
high school student